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Study Slovak and English languages for living and studying in Slovakia

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"Private Language School iCan, 8, Lazaretska str." was registered with the Slovak Ministry of Education and has been accredited by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia since 1998. We are the oldest private language school in Bratislava and the fourth oldest school in the country. The quality of education has been confirmed by numerous awards. Our company´s name literally means "I can." It means that by applying to our courses the students will be able to study effectively and to use Slovak and English.
iCan Language School - the only school among its own kind, using the method of learning foreign language without usage of Slovak (actually, for both foreigners and native Slovak speakers). In addition, our language school is accredited by the Ministry of Education, which allows our students to receive the official certificate after completing the course and national visa in Slovakia!
National visa in Slovakia based on studies or training is usually given up to 30 days from the date of the admission of the application to the Ambassy in your native country and is the most fast form of immigration to Slovakia.
iCan was founded in 1998 and has been the coordinator of international projects such as the Socrates, Phare, Grundtvig-1, Culture 2000 cooperating with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, the European Fund for Social Development etc. In its client portfolio language school iCan has names such as BILLA, ltd. Bratislava - Senec, VÚB, jsc. Bratislava, IZOMAT jsc., Nová Baňa, Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť (Bratislava Water Company jsc.), Bratislava, etc.
We offer only proven and well-designed study programmes developed for foreigners. If you are interested in studying abroad free of charge, contact our school, and we guarantee the results! If you are still not sure if our courses can enable you to continue studying in Slovakia, the feedback and references from our students will convince you.
Would you like to receive the elite European higher education in the EU? Today it is quite real. Our company will provide you with the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge of the Slovak and English languages ​​on the territory of Slovakia.
This training course means:

The possibility to continue your studies in Europe in English.
Obtaining a national visa in Slovakia for a period of studies within 30 days.
Ability to communicate confidently in the Slovak language in everyday life or in the business space.
A ticket to a bright and prosperous future on the territory of developed countries not only in Europe but also around the world.
Indispensable experience in communication with foreign students.
The chance to not only get the necessary language skills, but also enjoy the interesting leisure activities during the breaks between classes.

Our cooperation ensures:

Modern and effective training programme corresponding to world standards.
Provision of highly experienced teachers with a high level of competence.
Providing the best language school for foreigners, after the graduation of which you can count on free education in Slovakia and the EU.
The opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods.
Organization and assistance in obtaining a residence permit, nostrification (recognition) of diplomas or finding comfortable accommodation.
High level of service, timeliness and efficiency.
Individual approach to each student.

The possibility to study in Europe. 
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